Summer Wishlist

We’ve all been told that if you write down your goals you will be more likely to complete them. In that spirit I’m going to write down my goals for 2016 (some already completed). This will be a wish list. Not all of these things will happen, but I intend to work toward these goals.20160506_120032

  1. Washington Backcountry Discovery Route: A couple of years ago I rode the second of six sections of this route and had a great time. I’ve never worked harder on a motorcycle, but I also don’t think I’ve learned as much in such a short period of time prior to that trip. This summer I want to complete the other 5 legs.20140823_174302.jpg
  2. Trackday: I would like to get back onto the track. I really don’t want to shell out the money for new tires and trackday fees, but if I can make it work I’d love to be able to ride The Ridge again and see how much my skills have deteriorated.
  3. Shooting: I’d like to shoot more, possibly in an amateur match. I’ve got a bunch of money invested in guns but haven’t shot competitively since high school. I’m a firm believer that if you want to get good at something you compete at it. I didn’t do trackdays before I started racing because I knew I’d learn more and get faster through the competition.20140930_212556.jpg
  4. Get the bike set up: This one I’ve already completed, with one small exception. I added crash bars, a skid plate, and bar risers in early March. Later that month I bought a GPS beacon. Then I bought new riding boots. Now the only small mod I’ve got left is to add an exoskeleton to my footpegs. That’s a pain in the ass, but with a few drill bits I should be able to do it in an afternoon.
  5. Iron Butt: As silly as it may sound, I want the license plate frame.
  6. Explore the Olympics: I’ve begun this one already. Exploring the endless logging roads in the Southern Olympics has been a bunch of fun so far. I used to be a delivery driver, so I’m not really comfortable anywhere unless I know all of the surrounding roads. I’d like to get comfortable in the Olympics.20160506_123934.jpg
  7. Ride to the northern tip of Vancouver Island: When I first tried out my GPS beacon, I realized that I’d be motivated to go further afield simply so my tracking software would have more points to plot on a map. To that end I’d like to explore Vancouver Island. I’ve been to Victoria several times and really enjoy it, but the rest of the island is a mystery to me. I’d like to change that.
  8. Road trip through Canada or California: As a followup to Jordancarcolby 2015, we’d both very much like to go on another trip together. This time it’s looking like Canada or California. Likely in early September like last year.20150902_124103
  9. Second Backcountry Discovery Route: Once the Washington route is complete I’d love to tackle another BDR. Since it’s nice and close, the Idaho one seems most likely, though ideally I’d ride the Utah or Colorado routes first for the technical challenges.
  10. Start building an SBR: I love me some rifles, and think building a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) would be a fun experience. Ideally I’d have the funding to do this over the summer, but time will tell on that one. Building from a stripped lower seems like a challenge I’d like to overcome.

Beyond that I’m at a loss for ideas. If anyone has any suggestions I’m certainly open to them.


  1. Mike Oscar Hotel · May 10, 2016

    You can do whatever you want to do. I just wanted to comment and say that the KTM is NICE.


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