Raspberry Pi Project, Update 3

One of the things I really like about the CS program I’m in is that it gives me the opportunity to revisit this project and modify it based on what I’m learning about in school. This quarter, for example, I’m taking an Analysis and Design class, where we are learning about domain models, use case diagrams, and design patterns. One of the other things I really like is that the program focuses on developing new products from scratch with a team of other students. After ensuring that none of my teammates had any ideas about what to build, I talked my team into working on this.

Domain Diagram

An early iteration of the domain diagram.

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Mixing Computer Science and Motorcycles Pt. 1

Historically, my personality hasn’t lent itself to half-measures when I’m interested in something. I very much prefer “go big or go home” as an approach to hobbies. My sportbikes find their way to racetracks, my KTM was offroad within 3 hours of purchase, and every spring when I start hiking I get scolded for dragging poor Audrea to the steepest hill I can find in my eagerness to find a challenge. To that end, my first Raspberry Pi project is shaping up to follow that pattern.

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