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Something I’ve always appreciated about motorcycles is the sense of community among fellow riders. It’s not like a car, where most folks don’t get particularly excited about them. A motorcycle isn’t a tool the way a car is, so when you see one it’s generally because the rider is passionate about it. With that in mind, I set out today to take part in a longstanding game of photo-tag run through a local rider forum,

I had been watching the thread for a few days and was surprised that nobody had gone out and gotten the necessary photo to continue the game, so I decided last night that if it hadn’t been updated by this morning I’d go out and do it. I didn’t have anything to do today and I’ve been using the bike solely to run errands lately rather than just for the sake of enjoying the ride, so it seemed like a good idea. At a little after 8am I suited up, plugged in my heated gear, took a “before” picture, and set off for Silverdale. According to The Weather Channel’s website it was 33 degrees when I left.

I took the most direct route to the first picture site, a cafe in Silverdale, because I didn’t want anyone beating me to it while I wandered around. The first half hour was relatively unpleasant due to my foggy visor, but once I got to Gorst the fog was no longer an issue. Riding up Highway 3 to Silverdale is always an exercise in patience. Drivers are seemingly oblivious to the “stay left except to pass” laws, so it’s a constant battle to maintain a reasonable speed. I wasn’t trying to speed, but 5 over is kind of how I go places and a late 1990’s Jeep Grand Cherokee kept me from being able to do that.

Once in Silverdale I knew exactly where to go based on spending time down the street a few months back. Oak Table Cafe. The parking lot has a wonderful view of the valley below, so I snapped the required picture and off I went to find a new spot.


I knew I wanted to take a picture along a good riding road in my area, but I hadn’t quite decided where. I rode Highway 3 South back to the exit for Old Belfair Highway and began looking. I considered the Kitsap Square Dancing Club building, but the gate was closed and I couldn’t get a good angle to take a picture without giving it away. Then I went to the Spirit gas station at the Kitsap-Mason County line, but again couldn’t get a good angle for a photo. I decided to head up towards Sand Hill Road to get a picture at the transfer station there. I thought it was fitting.


Job done, I headed down the hill to Belfair, refueled and went home. When I got home I realized that the cold weather had slightly impacted me. I had to take a shower and eat a hot meal before my hands and feet would respond properly again, but it’s a small price to pay for being active in a community.

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