Jordancarcolby Pt. 6

After driving basically all night, covering 900 miles in roughly 24 hours, we awoke to the sun’s merciless rays flooding the car in a Walmart parking lot. We were not pleased, but still in relatively good spirits. So we got breakfast.

We hit up a diner in Bozeman that was rated highly on Yelp for an early breakfast. We beat the local college kids by about 20 minutes, but had clearly lost out to the locals who I suspect live on their bar stools. It was an old timey place that served pitch black coffee along with a heart healthy breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, and bacon. In that way where when you’re tired you need more food to function, this was precisely what we needed.  

After finishing up with breakfast we decided to visit the Museum of the Rockies. The MotR was awe inspiring. Fossils and sculptures everywhere you turned. I learned more in my 2-3 hours there than I can possibly fit into this post. Unfortunately, since I’d had less than an hour of sleep in pushing 30 hours I also forgot a great deal of it. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I’ll always carry a sense of awe with me about that place. Seeing just how impressive dinosaurs were up close and personal is an experience I doubt a person could forget. They were massive in a way that statistics and measurements can’t convey.


The only picture I was able to sneak in the Museum of the Rockies

After an extended trip to the museum’s gift shop we decided to go beg for an early check in at our hotel, the local Super 8. The manager at the Super 8 was one of the most memorable parts of our trip, in a good way. He knew everything from the governmental organization to the tax structure to the bid for the Winter Olympics. Anything in Bozeman, Jake knew. He got us an early check in, he talked with Jordan and I at great length (keep in mind how tired and dirty we were), was cheerful, friendly, and eventually convinced me to write reviews everywhere I could find for his hotel. I also learned a great deal about hospitality management. Turns out hotels are goldmines if run properly.

With our stuff dumped in the room, we took off in search of food. After a very brief search we decided to stop at a BBQ place that had stellar food. Bar 3 BBQ in Bozeman is a must-visit if you’re in the area. The employees might be out on parole by their demeanor, but they make a damn good meal.

With food in our stomachs and a hotel room secured, we bought some beer and spent the rest of the evening watching Top Gear and relaxing.

Despite the lack of pictures from this day, we had a good time. In the way that distance makes the heart grow fonder, time makes misery seem fun. We were exhausted and barely coherent, but kept laughing and joking all day long.


The highlights of the day?

  1. The Museum of the Rockies. Awe inspiring and humbling. I can’t convey how impressive it is here. Just go. You’ll be happy you did.
  2. Bar 3 BBQ. So tasty. Pickles, sauces, and meat galore. I should write to the owner to see about franchising…
  3. Super 8 in Bozeman. The manager, Jake, is fucking fantastic. The rooms were clean and everything we could have asked for in our state.
  4. Stockyard Cafe. It’s as folksy as it sounds. About as fattening, too.
  5. Top Gear. We watched Top Gear nearly every night. It was our constant, irreverent companion.

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