Jordancarcolby Pt 5

Our fifth morning was understood to be a working morning. We had to drive from Fort Collins, CO, to Badlands National Park in Wall, SD. Since we wanted to get out of Colorado as quickly as possible and fit in as many states as we could into our trip we also planned to go through Nebraska. For being a “work” day, it was surprisingly full of fun and notable experiences. It was also a 40 hour day, but more on that later. Read More

Jordancarcolby Pt 4

Waking up on day 4, I was a cold, cranky mess. It was 32 degrees and I was slightly hung over. It wasn’t a good start. I countered this by breaking camp in the way Boy Scouts taught us: quickly, efficiently, and with little regard for how well I could feel my fingers. Jordan, being the hero that he is, had started jetboiling the blackest coffee on earth for us to consume. Read More

Jordancarcolby Pt. 3

The third morning of our trip proved that we were in a vicious cycle of searching for coffee while hung over. Naples, Utah is exactly what you expect, minus the overt mormonism. It’s a western town that looks as such. It’s got a touristy hotel with dinosaur statues as well as a statue of a Huey Cobra for some reason. In short: it’s an average middle American small city. It also happens to be adjacent to Jensen, Utah, and Dinosaur National Monument. Read More

WABDR Leg 2: Part 1

After I was injured in May of 2014 I was having a hard time staying active. I had gone from working 60 hours per week to doing nothing, so in an effort to combat my newly sedentary lifestyle I decided to go for a ride along Washington’s Backcountry Discovery Route. Read More

The Grass Isn’t Greener

When my poor, beloved R6 finally gave up in 2011 I had an opportunity to buy a liter-class bike for the first time. I had dreamed of owning an R1 years before, only to be diverted to an R6. I had made an effort to purchase a 2005 GSX-R 1000 in 2009, but had decided it wasn’t a sound financial decision at that time. All of my friends had liter bikes, and they wouldn’t let me forget it. They’d simply walk away from me on straightaways, and while I could catch them in corners I always felt like I wasn’t a member of the cool kid club until I had my own thousand. Read More