WABDR Leg 2: Part 1

After I was injured in May of 2014 I was having a hard time staying active. I had gone from working 60 hours per week to doing nothing, so in an effort to combat my newly sedentary lifestyle I decided to go for a ride along Washington’s Backcountry Discovery Route. Read More

The Grass Isn’t Greener

When my poor, beloved R6 finally gave up in 2011 I had an opportunity to buy a liter-class bike for the first time. I had dreamed of owning an R1 years before, only to be diverted to an R6. I had made an effort to purchase a 2005 GSX-R 1000 in 2009, but had decided it wasn’t a sound financial decision at that time. All of my friends had liter bikes, and they wouldn’t let me forget it. They’d simply walk away from me on straightaways, and while I could catch them in corners I always felt like I wasn’t a member of the cool kid club until I had my own thousand. Read More

When one door closes…

From the ages of 19 to 26 I would bet good money that most people that came into sight of me saw me only as a blackish blur. I rode sportbikes on the street the way that Dr Rockso does cocaine. In the battle of Go Big vs Go Home I always went big. Splitting cars at 155mph on the freeway, 120 mph through a fog bank,  170 mph runs down the coast… I’ve long since forgotten how many times I was pulled over. I remember at least 8 citations and one arrest. I can’t imagine a way in which I wasn’t the worst traffic criminal in the state of Washington on several different days (short of DUI’s). That all changed on August 4, 2012 on an early morning ride to Mt. Baker.  That morning it became crystal clear that I was going to get killed chasing a rush. I was taking risks that were outrageous and feeling nothing, so I decided to hang up my spurs. Read More

Photo tag

Something I’ve always appreciated about motorcycles is the sense of community among fellow riders. It’s not like a car, where most folks don’t get particularly excited about them. A motorcycle isn’t a tool the way a car is, so when you see one it’s generally because the rider is passionate about it. With that in mind, I set out today to take part in a longstanding game of photo-tag run through a local rider forum, pnwriders.com. Read More

A Boy’s First Motorcycle

I have a vivid memory of the exact moment I decided to buy a motorcycle. My friend Sophie and I were driving down the Old Redwood Highway at about 2am when I saw a single headlight behind me. I was speeding, and as I didn’t want to take a chance that it was a motorcycle officer behind me I immediately slowed down to the speed limit. After about 2 minutes of me plodding along at the speed limit I looked in my mirror to see that the motorcyclist wasn’t there anymore. Suddenly there was a blur and a loud noise as the rider passed me at about 100mph on one wheel. I was hooked, and my life has never been the same. Read More

An Attempt at “The Good Life”

On Memorial Day, 2014, I sustained an injury that changed my life. I was working as a delivery driver for a garbage company in Seattle, building a life for myself and my then-girlfriend now-fiancee. While wrestling with a 2 yard dumpster half-filled with concrete I managed to tear my bicep out of my shoulder. That injury threw my life into disarray immediately. I went from working 55-70 hours per week and making good money to puking from painkillers and icing my arm for the next 18 months. In this time I realized that it was unlikely I’d be allowed to go back to my old job, so I had to formulate a plan for my remaining years. Going from rigid structure and never-ending workdays to zero structure and nothing but free time has been a tremendous challenge, so I’ve decided to build structure back into my life. This blog is one of the ways I intend to do that. Read More